M-Tac Belt Police 2.0" Heavy Duty Black

This belt belongs to the category of so-called "duty belts". It is intended for use by law enforcement officials. The Police 2.0” Heavy Duty model can replace the unloading system since it performs the functions of an unloading belt. The design features make this belt an important piece of police equipment.


These belt designs are not new. All over the world, this type of belt is worn by officials (military, security guards, police officers, etc.). The M-TAC brand presented its own variation of this model. Thanks to the use of high-tech materials and a scrupulous approach to production, this belt favorably stands out in the Ukrainian market and is able to compete with foreign counterparts.


Let's take a closer look at the belt.



The belt is designed to carry all those items of equipment that are necessary for the official in the performance of his duties (like a holster with weapons, pouches for spare magazines, flashlights, handcuffs, spray cans, etc.). The model is not accidentally called "Police" - although the belt can be used by other people, it was developed primarily taking into account the needs of the police officials.

The belt width of 50.8 mm (2 ") makes it compatible with most pouches (including those equipped with the molle system) and equipment mounts.

The belt is made of a double dense and durable nylon strap with a special weave of the thread, which ensures its strength and resistance to deformation. This is an important characteristic considering the additional weight of all the equipment. The fabric is treated with water-repellent impregnation and has a polyurethane coating. The material does not have a glossy shine, which means it does not attract unnecessary attention. 

To increase the strength and rigidity of the product, between the two layers of the sling were placed plastic inserts. 

The belt fabric is stitched in several rows with GUTERMANN nylon threads (made in Germany), which are extremely durable. The edge of the belt is edged with Texcel (made in the USA). 

The inner part of the belt is made of a Velcro loop strap, which makes it convenient to adjust its volume. To do this, it is enough to move the edge of the belt with the Velcro hook (within a certain size) and fasten it under the volume of your waist.

The belt is equipped with a plastic "Fastex" buckle manufactured by 2M (Italy). 

The triple buckle fixation system excludes accidental opening of the belt, as well as its unexpected or malicious unbuckling by unauthorized persons. 

In conclusion, we can say that the Police 2.0" Heavy Duty model is a reliable, high-quality belt that meets all the requirements of equipment for the police, security, and law enforcement agencies. It can become an indispensable piece of equipment for all those who carry equipment on their belt and are looking for a high-strength high-quality belt for this purpose.

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