M-Tac Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt

Tactical belts have been part of the uniforms of police officers and law enforcement officers for a long time. The so-called "duty belts" have several features - they are durable, can withstand heavy loads, have a reliable and convenient opening system. However, sometimes this is not enough, so M-TAC developed the so-called safety belts (Rigger's Belt). Their special feature lies in the fact that the strap of the belt is sewn in such a way that it can withstand an enormous load. So does the buckle.


A novelty from the Ukrainian brand M-TAC - the Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt is from that category.

Despite M-TAC’s relatively young age, the company has already developed many Military, Tactical & Outdoor products and equipment and uniforms for law enforcement officers. The use of high-tech materials and a scrupulous approach to the production of products distinguish M-TAC products on the Ukrainian market. Also, the use of materials, accessories, and components from world-famous manufacturers makes the brand's products not inferior in quality to foreign counterparts.


Let's take a closer look at the belt.

The Cobra Buckle Tactical, from M-Tac, uses a double (4cm and 2.5cm) nylon strap.

Due to the stitching of these two straps, the belt is quite strong and durable.


The strap that is 2.5 cm wide forms a Molle interface on the outside of the belt, which allows you to securely attach additional elements to the belt.

This model uses the original aluminum COBRA buckle, which was developed by the Austrian company AustriAlpin and manufactured by the American company ITWNexus.

The buckle has a patented shape and characteristics.


The COBRA aluminum buckle has a simple and reliable design. It quickly locks the belt in the closed position and at the same time easily unfastens in one movement. To unfasten the belt, you must simultaneously press the side latches on the buckle.

According to the information printed on the buckle by the manufacturer, it can withstand a load of 18 kiloNewtons (up to 1835 kg) in tension and 9 kiloNewtons (up to 918 kg) at the break.

The free edge of the strap can be fixed with Velcro.

The belt can be used for its intended purpose, as a tactical trouser belt, a "duty" belt for a holster, sheath, and other equipment, as well as an element of unloading belt systems.

For convenience, the belt is available in various sizes from XS to 3XL.

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