M-Tac Map Compass

The compass is an irreplaceable accessory for any tourist, traveler, or orienteering enthusiast, even though technology constantly evolves and the GPS navigator is much easier to interpret the data. But the compass will not fail under any circumstances, because it doesn’t need the charged batteries, network/satellite signal available, etc. The compass will still point north and it will lead you in the right direction. The map compass from the Ukrainian brand M-TAC is a light budget model. The low price, however, does not in any way affect its high accuracy and reliability. 

The Ukrainian company M-TAC has been producing Military, Tactical & Outdoor products since 2014. During this time, it has established as a reliable manufacturer that carefully monitors not only the quantity but also the quality of the products. The range of sports and tourism products from M-TAC is regularly expanding. And the map compass is a worthy addition to this range. 

This model is a classic example of a liquid compass. The special feature of such compasses is that the compass needle is placed in a capsule filled with a special liquid. The liquid allows the needle to turn north in just a few seconds. 

Also, this map compass can be attributed to sports models. A compass of this design is most often used by those who are engaged in orienteering and do it with a map. 

The sports compass dial has a more accurate 2-degree division. 

The compass has white markings that glow in the dark. One of which is on the "north" arrow and the second in the form of a triangle indicates the direction you have chosen. 

A capsule with a liquid and a magnetized needle is located on the compass base plate, which has two measuring rulers for maps with different scales. And a one-millimeter ruler. 

For the convenience of working with maps, the compass base plate has parallel lines and a magnifying glass. 

The plate also has holes:

  • One for putting CP on the map
  • Second for applying direction
  • The third for the lace that comes with the compass. 

Neck bright red cord is equipped with a plastic length adjuster. With its help, you can put the compass around your neck, which will reduce the chances of losing it. In case of loss, the bright color of the lace will increase the chances of finding the compass in the grass or equipment. 

The map compass from the M-TAC brand is a functional accessory that will facilitate orientation on the terrain using a map, and will also be useful for a child at school in geography lessons and a tourist when planning and marking a route. To put it simply - buying such a compass will not be superfluous!

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