Military and Tactical Pants

Military and Tactical Pants


      Do you find yourself struggling to find clothing items that are reliable and stylish at the same time?

      military pants for men

      If you want to own a perfect match of finely engineered, sharp-looking tactical pants for men and at the same time unmatched quality and reliability, you should definitely choose M-tac brand.

      We produce and sell various types of pants for everyday and occasion. One of the main types is trousers that are made of reliable and comfortable rip-stop fabric. They are more casual and practical than many other styles. Such pants are protected by a double layer of fabric in areas that are most prone to abrasion and tearing. This is a very special, extremely widespread fabric that is used to avoid any unnecessary ware and tare.

      For example, if you catch your pants with something sharp, the pants will not be totally torn. Rip-stop material slows down taring. These pants are made of combined composites, they are usually designed/manufactured with a cotton polyester spandex mix. The polyester and cotton fabric is pleasant to the body, additionally due to our products’ being super lightweight. This fabric also holds the color well and is highly durable. The main task of our designers was to maintain the comfort of movements, and they have accomplished it very well - the pants provide a feeling of lightness and do not restrain movement. Also, these pants dry quickly and are much easier to care for. 

      The rip-stop fabric has an additional teflon protective treatment, which is quite common in our products because it is a trusted material and design. This technique can protect the fabric from any kind of dirt. Dirt, dust or water always remains on the surface of the clothing, collecting in drops, and is easily cleaned with a simple brush. In the process of manufacturing our products we always select accessories of world-famous brands that have long proven themselves, for example, YKK zippers and snap buttons that are extremely` comfortable and versatile.

      Why are M-tac tactical pants so special?

      M-tac pants have special cuffs that can be tightened with a hook and a loop band, in order to adjust the volume of the pants to your calves size or knees. The waist is also adjustable, which is quite important to have maximum freedom of movement. Our pants in addition to their original size, also have additional functions to keep them fully optimized for their owner’s size to provide the maximum level of comfort. 

      Our cargo pants are reinforced with (Cordura), it is a much more wear-resistant fabric so that they do not rub in places that are most likely to have some kind of mechanical impact (for example, near the pockets). Another type of pants, that will be a great match for bad weather, is made of softshell. These are insulated pants made of water-resistant fabric. They can easily protect you against light rain. Water-resistant pants are definitely a great choice for autumn or even winter use. These are fleece-lined pants for men, which allow you to wear one layer of clothing, instead of wearing underpants or additional thermal clothing

      M-tac also sells knee pad inserts that are placed in separate hidden compartments of pants. These inserts provide necessary extra strengthening. Tactical knee pad inserts are very simple and straightforward but perform their protective functions well. 

      The design of M-tac сargo pants is quite casual while providing specialized work use for various duties, such as law enforcement, E.M.S. or security officer. Also can be used as a uniform at a shooting range or different types of paramilitary installations. Military tactical pants take a very special place in our production.

      Apart from their impressive look, our work pants for men present top-level functionality with the help of convenient wide pockets with additional enhancements and belt loops with buckles for attaching essential supplies. 

      With multifunctional and high-quality M-tac cargo pants all you need is just to be prepared to face and combat all possible work or daily life challenges!