About Us

The M-TAC brand was created by a team of young, ambitious and talented people, united with the purpose of creating practical, high-quality tactical equipment & outdoor clothing of the most modern design.

The history of our brand is a history born during the turbulent times of the revolution. These are not times for compromise and do not forgive mistakes.  Our M-TAC gear is comfortable in both urban and challenging outdoor environments. We have combined style, technology and comfort in everything we make, perfect for those who are thirsty for adventure and not afraid of challenges. Our clothing and gear have been tested by arctic frosts and combat in the hottest ongoing conflicts. We are just five years old now, and thousands upon thousands of people, from all over the world have been purchasing our products.

Our motto - born of revolution hardened by war

So, if your heart begins to speed up with excitement in anticipation of new adventures, if you are determined and energetic, then M-TAC is the outdoor clothing brand for you.

M-TAC is a brand for everyone.
For you. For me. For everyone.