The most expensive M-TAC fleece jacket in the world!

Today the attention of the entire world is focused on the President of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy's wardrobe became one of the attributes of wartime. Everyone, from the average citizen to a serviceman, wants to have the same jacket or pants as the president of an indomitable nation has.

Western publishers in their analysis pay as much attention to Zelenskyy's attire as to his speeches. The New York Times journalist Vanessa Friedman believes that simple clothes emphasize the connection between the president and soldiers: due to his look he seems to understand their problems and is ready to solve them.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy chooses clothes from the Ukrainian brand M-TAC, which can be purchased in Ukraine, the United States and Europe.

The fleece jacket that has been worn by the Commander-in-Chief from the very beginning of the war became especially well-known.

It was recently sold at Christie's auction for 90 thousand pounds, which is equivalent to 110 thousand US dollars. The charity auction was supported by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Zelenskyy himself addressed attendees via video call during the auction! The money from the sale will go to a charity fund that helps Ukraine!

What kind of fleece did Zelensky wear?

The cult fleece jacket was created by the M-TAC brand in Ukraine, and its name is Legatus Microfleece!


About the brand

M-TAC is a Ukrainian brand of high-quality Tactical & Outdoor clothing, known both in Ukraine and Europe. Besides clothing, the company produces footwear and tactical equipment: unloading systems, bags, weapon cases. "Born of revolution, war hardened" - with this motto the brand started its work in 2014. M-TAC has its own high-tech production, innovative materials and a talented team of people who love their business.

M-TAC products can be used in both urban and extreme environments. M-TAC clothing and equipment has been tested by the Arctic cold and the hottest military conflicts of today. Our brand is value-oriented. We manage to combine style, modern technologies and comfort. So the dream can become a reality for those who are thirsting for adventure and are not afraid of challenges. Making  high-tech qualitative products is the key to our success.

Why M-TAC fleece jacket?

Unlike Russian President Vladimir Putin, who buys clothes for millions, Volodymyr Zelenskyy chooses a quality Ukrainian brand with an affordable pricing policy. Everyone can afford clothes like the president and feel like a real hero. After all, these are the values of the democratic world - to be closer to the people, to be with the people, instead of building invisible walls of luxury clothing and wealth.

And now more about the Legatus Microfleece jacket itself!

Zelenskyy chose this jacket for a reason. It is one of the most popular in the M-TAC line.

It is a combination of a well-thought-out cut that provides complete freedom of movement, and an innovative foreign material - Italian microfleece. The jacket has incredible heat-saving characteristics, elasticity, and is also extremely pleasant to the body.

The jacket is lightweight, yet retains heat well and "breathes". Even after multiple washings, the material retains its shape and remains elastic and durable.

The special surface of the fleece prevents hook and pellet formation.

This piece is designed to be worn as a sports and casual wear and as a bottom layer under membrane jackets and soft shell clothing. It will be indispensable during the hike, outdoor recreation or sport activities. It has a minimalist cut.

Fastens with a zipper in the front. Zipper YKK (Japan).

For easier unfastening there is a puller, connected to the slider.

The placket and collar are made of a double layer of fleece, which eliminates the possibility of wind blowing and helps to protect the neck and throat from hypothermia.

The jacket has a straight cut, slightly elongated at the back for better back protection from wind blowing.

The shoulders and elbows of the product are protected from abrasion and stretching by adding non-elastic fabric similar to raincoat fabric. The elbow pads are grooved for free movement. The bottom of the jacket is finished with a flat seam.

The cuffs of the sleeves are finished with an elastic band and have a cutout for the thumb.

The Legatus Microfleece Jacket by M-TAC is a combination of functionality, innovation and comfort.

Current model has a wide range of use: as outerwear for everyday wear, sports or outdoor activities and as the bottom layer of thermal underwear for softshells and membrane clothing. And yet, experience shows that this is a perfect jacket for a real hero.


  • Steve Solie

    Hello M-Tac!
    I would be honored to wear this jacket here in Alaska USA.
    Please let me know when this jacket or any other clothing that President Zelensky wears becomes available. I have family in Dnipro, Merchick, Kharkiv, and Kiev.
    Thank You for your consideration.
    May God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏 ❤️

  • John DiCello

    Great jacket…..please notify me when they become available again!

  • Brian S Patenaude

    Please notify me when back in stock….

  • Joseph Halyckyj

    I am Ukrainian please bring these jackets back ASAP. Slavia Ukrani

  • Randy Chapman

    Any possibility of getting a jacket with the Ukrainian patch.

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