Military Style Instead of Costumes: Zelenskyy's Dress Code During the War?

Why does Zelenskyy wear green? Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the style of clothing worn by the President of Ukraine has undergone a dramatic change. For over a year, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has opted for exclusively military clothing instead of suits and white shirts. Olive-green T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tactical trousers have become part of Zelenskyy’s casual clothes.

First and foremost, this is an excellent opportunity to use outfits to convey important messages to the world and "shout" that the war in Ukraine is ongoing, that is why the image of the Ukrainian president in a military uniform has been made. Through his attire, the President also expresses his solidarity with the people and the military who are courageously defending the country's territorial integrity. Moreover, tactical clothing is comfortable and practical and allows for greater mobility.

M-Taс: Born of Revolution, Hardened by War

The M-Tac brand has been an unparalleled leader in the production of military-tactical clothing, combat equipment, casual wear, and accessories for nine years straight. The brand's clothing and equipment have undergone repeated testing in some of the hottest military conflicts of our time and have won the hearts of many military-style enthusiasts worldwide. Today, M-Tac clothing is a trend worn by soldiers in the trenches and well-known Ukrainian politicians alike, because reliability is our top priority.

Leaders Choose M-Tac

An ambassador that world-famous brands can only dream of, a representative of the free world, and a true leader of an indestructible nation choose high-quality tactical clothing from the Ukrainian brand M-Tac.

Since the beginning of the invasion, the President of Ukraine, a symbol of leadership, has appeared in public over four dozen times, meeting with delegations and visiting hot spots of combat operations in practical and high-quality clothing from M-Tac. The everyday Zelenskyy’s combat & military gear often features T-shirts, fleece jackets, and trousers that ordinary citizens not only in Ukraine but also abroad dream of having. Nowadays, M-Tac products are available in Ukraine as well as Europe and the USA. 

What Does the Ukrainian Guarantor of State Sovereignty Wear?

On February 16, 2022, the President arrived in the Sea of Azov for military exercises during his political campaign wearing the M-TAC WINTER JACKET ALPHA EXTREME GEN.III OLIVE. Since then, dark green has become a constant companion of the state leader.

For a walk around Kyiv with Bear Grylls, a well-known British traveler, survival expert, and author of the program "Survive at Any Cost," Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s military uniform included M-TAC WINTER JACKET ALPHA GEN.IV PRO DARK OLIVE. This jacket protects from wind and cold, and its modern materials guarantee reliability and practicality of use.

The Supreme Commander-in-chief came to visit the warzone in the fortress city of Bakhmut, where he met with the military and presented state army awards while wearing M-TAC WINTER JACKET ALPHA GEN.IV NSU DARK OLIVE.

Fleece Like the One the President Has

That only is the M-TAC JACKET LEGATUS MICROFLEECE OLIVE, which Ukrainian President Zelenskyy wore when he met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and gave him a tour of Kyiv. This khaki jacket later became the most expensive fleece jacket in the world, selling for $110,000 at a Christie's auction, or more than 3 million Hryvnias. The charity auction was held with the support of Prime Minister Johnson, and the proceeds were transferred to help Ukraine!

Furthermore, according to the Financial Times, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was named Person of the Year in 2022 and hailed as a leader of the democratic world in the global fight against authoritarianism. The newspaper even featured a photo of Zelenskyy wearing the neutral M-TAC JACKET SHADOW MICROFLEECE OLIVE.

What other models from the M-Tac brand does the President wear?

In liberated Kherson, the President arrived wearing clothes from M-Tas. He attended the flag-raising ceremony in the city's central square, embodying the true Ukrainian spirit, despite the enemy's presence only 10 kilometers away across the river. For this occasion, the President chose the comfortable and tactical M-TAC JARL OLIVE JACKET from the M-Tac brand. He paired it with the M-TAC TROUSERS AGGRESSOR GEN II FLEX DARK OLIVE, creating an organic combination of modern style and tactical functionality.

It is worth noting the President's powerful New Year's address to his citizens, where he wore the demi-season M-TAC JACKET JARL OLIVE designed with innovative technologies and high-end materials in mind.

During one of his appeals to the "Warriors of Light" and "Energetic people who are always ready to fight," he also donned the M-TAC JACKET JARL OLIVE and M-TAC TROUSERS AGGRESSOR GEN II FLEX DARK OLIVE.

T-Shirt as a Powerful Message to the World

The attention to detail of the head of state is striking. On May 4, 2022, the world celebrated an unofficial holiday—Star Wars Day. President Zelenskyy made a public appearance wearing a patriotic influential green T-shirt, specifically the M-TAC UA SIDE LIGHT OLIVE T-SHIRT adorned with the symbolism of the movie. The shirt transformed into a powerful message for the entire global community. The symbol on Zelenskyy’s shirt is a logo of an X-wing fighter jet, the Rebel Alliance starship used by Luke Skywalker to destroy the Death Star. Simultaneously, the inspiring fighter was styled to resemble a Ukrainian trident. Inscriptions in the style of "Star Wars," such as "Come to the Dark Side" and "Dominate or Die," were also included on the graphic shirt.

How Much Does It Cost to Dress Up as the World's Most Popular President?

All of the Ukrainian leader's clothes are now quite budget-friendly. For example, the M-TAC shadow MICROFLEECE OLIVE green jacket costs only $66, and the M-Tac trousers AGGRESSOR GEN II FLEX DARK OLIVE cost $65. Accordingly, the president's total look from M-Tac only cost $131.

It's no surprise that tactical apparel from the M-Tac brand has gained recognition not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The brand's items are inexpensive and practical, making them accessible to anyone who values quality and comfort. The brand's main motto is "For you. For me. For everyone." That's why today, the president and civilians, who are the fans of military-style, trust M-Tac and choose high-quality products at affordable prices.

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