How to Choose the Right Tactical Backpack for Your Needs?

Tactical backpacks are essential if you want to have a positive outdoor experience and be successful in whatever you are doing. There are lots of different styles with various features available nowadays. So choosing the right backpack is not always so simple. Following this guide will assist you in making all the right decisions with regard to choosing a travel pack correctly. Firstly, you want to find the correct size for your needs. You want it to be big enough to fit all your gear. It also needs to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than choosing a backpack that is difficult to carry and uncomfortable. 

M-Tac Tactical Backpack Military Pack

Guide On Choosing Tactical Backpack

So when you come to search for the best tactical backpack, there are some things you always need to consider. Firstly tactical means military-inspired. So these backpacks use features that are useful for all military personnel. So this means functionality is essential when picking an optimal backpack. Size is another important factor you need to consider. You never want your compartments in the backpack to be too big and bulky. Durability is essential if you want a long life from your army backpack. Storage is critical, so you can carry more items with MOLLE webbing compartments. 

Considerations Before Buying A Tactical Backpack

You need to understand what use your tactical backpack gear will be used for. This will help you purchase the correct backpack. There are some important considerations you must think about, such as if you need it to be water resistant or not. These are key factors that will determine what type of mens backpack you require. Customers should also think about if camouflage is required. We have listed some considerations below, which will determine which tactical backpack is ideal for you. 

M-Tac Water resistant Military Backpack

Understanding Backpack Capacity And Size

Because all backpacks differ in the size you must know which size you require. With tactical backpack sizes, it is essential to understand how the volume of a backpack is measured. This is done by measuring the length multiplied by the width and height. The interior compartment of a tactical backpack is measured in cubic inches and liters.

M-Tac Urban Tactical Backpack

Using a lightweight pack is ideal for covering lots of ground when you are on the move. The last thing you want is a backpack that will not give you discomfort when using it. So you need to understand the use of your backpack, so ask the question, where will you go? What will it be used for? These questions will help you figure out how to choose a backpack

If you are looking for a smaller compact tactical backpack, they usually start at around 5 liters. If you would prefer a much larger backpack, they can reach sizes of 60 liters and more. For example, the perfect tactical backpack for everyday use would be EDC Packs. This is a
small military tactical backpack that holds only essential items you would need in a day. Anytime you need a pack for a more extended period, you need to buy a 24-hour pack. These are ideal for longer assignments and are usually 30-liter packs. A 3-day pack is used for extended journeys and can fit everything you will require for up to 3 days. You will find these backpacks can be as large as 65 liters and have a strong frame for heavier loads.

Durability and Material 

As these backpacks are used by military personnel and law enforcement officers, they must be durable and strong. This is why they are made with the most durable materials to avoid falling apart or ripping. You can expect tactical backpack material to be Cordura®, which is a tough material and has been used by the US military for 40 years. One of the most popular materials for backpacks is Nylon. It comes in various deniers (thickness), with higher denier nylon being more durable. It's lightweight, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. Also it could be Polyester: Similar to nylon, polyester is lightweight and durable. It can also be water-resistant, depending on the treatment applied to it.

Cordura Pack

What is the difference between polyester and nylon?

Nylon was created as an alternative to silk, which explains its softness. Polyester is generally a rougher fabric. However, modern manufacturing methods have improved the feel of the material.

Both materials rate well for strength and durability. But when we make a direct comparison, nylon is stronger and stretchier than polyester, meaning equipment made from nylon should last longer. But it is worth noting that Nylon absorbs more moisture, so it will take longer for the product to dry. A pleasant bonus is the extremely easy care of these materials.

Manufacturers often choose a combination of these materials to achieve the desired balance of durability, weight, and functionality based on the intended use of the backpack, whether it's for everyday use, hiking, duty, or specialized outdoor activities.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is essential when dealing with a tactical backpack. Poor load management can lead to fatigue and injury. To find the perfect pack, you want to look for strong shoulder straps.

M-Tac Hiking Military Backpack

These should also be able to adjust to fit your body type perfectly well. There are straight shoulder straps, curved shoulder straps as well as one piece shoulder straps. So trying all of these options before buying the pack is the best idea. You will also find there are sternum straps that help distribute the weight, as well as hip belts. These are wearing tips before purchasing your pack. 

M-Tac Hiking Pack Military Backpack with Wais Hip Belt

Features and Organization

There are various features you can have on the front of the backpack when you buy a pack. Having good organization is important, so having lots of pockets are great backpack features. You can also find mesh pockets, a laptop sleeve, and a glasses pouch. All of these features make your tactical backpack organizer the best on the market.

M-Tac Gun Backpack Hiden Pocket Tactical Pack


The cost of these backpacks varies with your requirements. The price depends on  the complexity of the product due to the internal organization of space, pockets as well as the material of the backpack. Always remember that you often get what you pay for, so spending more on your pack will give you a bag that will last. 

Tactical Backpacks From M-Tac  

We took into consideration the price, quality and features and are ready to tell you about our three picks that are available for purchase now.

M-Tac Large Assault Pack

This is quite a large tactical backpack that comes at a great price and has all the properties you want in a nice and durable pack. This can be used as a city backpack or a pack for hikes. Thanks to numerous compartments, you can organize your things easily and carry more stuff than usual packs can fit in. The pack features a convenient and reliable handle for carrying as well as straps on fastex for adjusting volume This is a wise choice for law enforcement, hunters, and fishermen.

M-Tac Large Assault Pack

M-Tac Backpack Elite Gen.II

This model of the Tactical backpack is part of the elite line of M-Tac products. This model was made using materials from world-famous hardware manufacturers, such as: YKK zippers, WJ buckles, and Cordura® 500 fabric. The backpack has a volume of 25L and opens according to the principle of a suitcase, which is convenient for storing your stuff. Side mesh pockets with elastic cord closures, plus side elastic sling fasteners hidden under flaps, designed to securely hold items in side pockets. It is also worth paying attention to the MIL-SPEC MOLLE attachment, It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment, without which it is difficult to imagine any military backpack today.

M-Tac Backpack Elite G2

Designers made an insert in this generation for greater stiffness of the back. It consists of a plastic base with two vertical aluminum guides and a horizontal carbon rod. This design, with a sufficiently low weight, allows you to give the backpack the necessary strength to carry heavy equipment.

M-Tac Backpack Elite G2 with Supporting Back

M-Tac Backpack Mission

Finally, we picked the M-Tac Backpack Mission carry-on backpack that has a compartment for a computer and many additional carmines, which allows you to store things neatly and separately from each other. An ideal bag for every day at work. The pack is made with nylon-resistant material for extra durability, which is perfect for hunting, travel, and tourism. This very model features the main compartment with a hole for headphones and a hose of the hydration system, an adjustable waist belt with fastex quick release, and adjusting the width of the backpack with side compression.

M-Tac Backpack Mission Pack


Shop Tactical Backpacks Today 

When you are searching for a military style tactical backpack, look no further than M-TAC. You will find everything you could possibly require all under one roof. All the equipment is top quality and made to last. Good deals are guaranteed too.


As you can see through this article, tactical backpacks are super versatile and helpful for everyone. We have given tips on choosing the most suitable backpack, so the rest is down to you. 


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